4 Things To Learn From Your First Job

By Regi Publico | June 24, 2021

Landing your first job is undoubtedly essential for newbies as we sometimes experience a ‘FAIL’ mark — or first attempt at learning.
Unimaginable and unexpected things happen when we get our first job. We feel excited, nervous, and even wonder how we got that job in the first place. But in the end, all we need to think about is how to do the job effectively and efficiently.
The epitome of having effective and efficient work etiquette is to apply what you have learned and contribute something that will be beneficial not just for the company but for yourself also. However, if these work etiquettes only focus on the value you added for the company, but do not help you grow, then continuously working will tire you out in an instant and break you down afterward.
Here are some other circumstances you’ll learn during your first job:

Handling Employee-Employer Relationships

Handling relationships within the workplace is exhilarating, especially if there’s someone out there with the same interest as yours. You will be able to function correctly because of the good influence your colleagues and your workplace culture brings.
There will also be instances in your work where you and your colleagues won’t be on the same page. It is unavoidable and the reasons could be either because you and your colleague are passionate enough to do the job properly, both of you have clashing ideas that negatively resulted in misunderstanding or you let your ego rise because your colleague is half-right.
Although it takes time to get along with everyone, as an employee, your goal is to set a perimeter on how to work more harmoniously   — with a suitable approach anchored to both of you simultaneously. You may also opt to attend virtual events for self-development that your company arranges for everyone’s benefit.

Good manager leads to better management

As an aspiring fresh graduate who’s excited to land the first job, you might be curious about what the manager has done to get where he/she is now. You might also analyze all the good and bad qualities of the manager from your perspective, which might be far from reality.
Initially, you might be very excited about the acceptance letter from your manager. However, as you start working, you might learn that the manager is quite different from your expectations, which might affect your self-confidence and self-esteem.
When you first join a company, don’t worry about the rank. Even if you join an organization in a low-level rank, you can always take initiative and talk to your manager about new ideas that you have and add value to the organization. Doing so will bring satisfaction to you, and your manager will also trust and respect you. Keep attending self-development events that will benefit you to grow in your workplace.

Your degree: Not necessary in your first job

Some say that education is crucial whenever you are seeking a job position. But according to Oxford Royale Academy, 90% of what we learn in school or university will not apply in different jobs. Also, you won’t be able to determine whether that 90% will be helpful or not.
Consequently, you’ll find yourself frustrated that you invest yourself to be fully equipped with knowledge. But in reality, only 10% of that knowledge can be used.

Prioritizing responsibility

Prioritizing your responsibility takes a lot of time, especially if it is your first job. For instance, you should take care of yourself along with working hard, because it affects your health. As an employee, knowing your boundaries will not affect your performance. Instead, it will serve as a lesson for you that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.
Mistakes are never our enemies. However, they serve as motivation to push us forward and be more attentive to even the smallest detail. On top of that, it increases your sense of fulfillment in making decisions related to work progress and your initiative to organize the working system.
Observing and seeking your first job is quite challenging. As time goes by, you will experience different things, and learn a lot during your first job. It is inspiring to see that hunting for your first job within your passion, whether as a gigster or a full-time employee,  is much more a fulfilling task to complete because you are enjoying what you do.