9 Essential tips to select the best placement agency in India

By Vanya Walker | May 27, 2021

Finding a job in this economy is extremely difficult. Due to the pandemic, it’s been estimated that more than 7 million have lost their jobs. While many individuals find it easier to find jobs online through online portals such as LinkedIn, Naukri.com, etc. there are those who place their trust in recruitment or placement agencies to help them find their desired jobs.

What are placement agencies?

Also referred to as recruitment agencies, placement agencies are companies that help individuals find a job based on their caliber and qualifications and at the same time help businesses find employees for their company. Businesses choose to recruit employees through a placement agency as their job is to streamline the hiring process by reducing the clutter. Instead of going through thousands of job applications, with the help of placement agencies, employers will only have to go through a select few.
There are many advantages a company poses when hiring a recruitment agency to help with their hiring process they’re –

  1. Highly qualified candidates – One advantage of hiring a placement agency is that they have a wide database of candidates. These candidates are already prescreened and pre-referred. This means that the company only has to meet with a select few candidates for a job application. Recruitment agencies are experts in candidate selection. Recruitment agencies will use their best practice methods to differentiate between real experts and then hold interviewees. 
  2. Fast forward the hiring process – By using a recruitment agency you are essentially shortening the time you require to find an employee. You won’t have to spend time posting for job requirements, then going through the applications, etc. the entire point of hiring a recruitment agency is that they will go through these steps and just send you the applications which they think will be a fit for your company. Recruitment agencies already have a vast database of individuals who are looking for jobs so they have to just filter through the application process and provide you with the best candidates. 
  3. Experts in their field – Placement agencies have a better knowledge and a deeper understanding of their targeted market segments so these agencies can provide you with valuable insight and useful advice which can be beneficial to you and your company. Moreover, agency recruiters are trained professionally to select and assess potential candidates. With their past experience along with carefully crafted methods that differentiate between good interviewees and experts, you can be rest assured that with the right placement agency you can find the right candidate for your company. 

Now that we know the advantages of a recruitment agency, finding the right agency for you is equally important. Listed below are a few tips which will help you select the right placement agency for your company.

Tips on how to select the best recruitment agency –

  1. Do your homework – Just like how you do your research when it comes to evaluating a candidate, check their LinkedIn profile, do the same for a recruitment agency. You want to hire an agency which serves best for your industry and has experience in catering to other businesses like yours. Although there’s no harm in choosing a company that’s new and not as experienced, it just might take a little while for them to find you the right employee. 
  2. Hold an interview – Before you hire a recruitment agency, conduct an interview wherein you see if you can work with a particular agency. It may sound a bit weird but when working with someone it’s extremely important to follow the same working ethic and to have a similar goal. 
  3. Experience of your recruiters – If your company is already in a unique industry then finding unique employees who fit your company profile can also be difficult. Experienced recruiters have spent a lot of time setting up a database and network of great candidates which aren’t always found on job portals. When you hire a recruitment agency, you also hire them for their connections and networks. 
  4. Check the budget – Although more effective, recruitment agencies are expensive due to their unique features. The one advantage of using job recruitment online portals is that their fees are less and posting your ad on social media and LinkedIn can be done for free so before you hire an agency, make sure to check for your budget and not go overboard. 
  5. Be clear about your needs and requirements – Before hiring any agency make sure that they know exactly what you want and the time frame that you want it in. What you think of as an expert may or may not be perceived in the same manner so it’s important that you mention the qualifications which you are looking for in your employee and the other factors which will affect your hiring process. 
  6. Engage in an honest agency – Imagine you hiring a company only to find out a few months later that they’re not well equipped at their job. There are many companies out there that will lie about their area of expertise, their qualifications and their success rate so before finalizing on any one company, do their thorough background check, check for reviews, recommendations basically anything which can cross verify their facts.
  7. Get to know your process – Find out what the recruitment agencies process is when it comes to getting you potential employees. Look through their past databases, find out exactly how they select candidates and only then will you know if they’re fit to help you or not. 
  8. Give the agency an appropriate time frame – You may have found an agency that’s in perfect sync with your agency but it’s not going to be of any use unless they deliver results. If your recruitment agency hasn’t been giving you the right candidates in a certain period of time, they’re probably not the right company for you so in situations like these, be sure to let go of any agency that’s only costing you money.  
  9. Customer service – When you hire a company for some work, you want them to give you all the attention and stay focused on your work. The main aim of a good agency is to match you with candidates that are perfect for a job at your company. If the agency’s network is untested and small, you may not get the desired results.  Ask recruiters how they screen their candidates, where do they collect their database from and what’s the company’s success rate when it comes to long term successful placements? 

We hope that these tips provide you with helpful tips when it comes to hiring a recruitment agency for your company.

In Conclusion –

There will be challenges when it comes to hiring the right recruitment agency. You may have to go through several agencies, their interview processes before making the final decision.