How to Step up Your Company’s Virtual Events

By Regina Thomas | February 16, 2022

Companies need to hold multiple events, so they can keep the employees motivated while contacting them as needed. However, your company may want to plan virtual events, so you can encourage more people to attend while also making the events more convenient. This means you need to identify multiple ways you can improve virtual events for your company.

Utilize Pre-Recorded Videos

When you hold virtual events, you may use live footage throughout them to make the event more interesting for those in attendance. However, you also need to think about the conveniences of using pre-recorded videos during the event when possible. This means your company uses screen sharing to show a pre-recorded video at certain points during the event.

When your company uses this approach, it can avoid unnecessary problems. For example, you can make sure you show a perfect video rather than having someone attempt the performance live. This can give your business more consistency while minimizing the potential for problems or issues while you attempt to stream the virtual event.

Bring in Some Entertainment

You need to make sure you provide some entertainment throughout the virtual event. While the event can involve serious moments where your business offers advice or deals, you can also make it entertaining to watch. If you don’t add entertainment to the event, people may feel bored and end up leaving, so you could lose your viewership.

Many companies utilize music or performers to make the events interesting, so you may want to consider this approach. You can also look into clean comedians for hire if you want to make people laugh while providing a memorable event. This may cause you to boost your attendance for future events while retaining your viewers.

Create a Clear Schedule

When you hold a virtual event, you need to make the schedule clear for people who plan to attend it. For example, you could mention the times you want to hold key parts of the event, so your viewers know what to expect. When your company does this, it provides a timeline for the viewers, so they can show up for the moments they care about.

While this may seem counter-productive, it can help you boost your views. Some people may attend for certain parts of the event, but they may stay after those parts end. This can also help your company remain organized throughout the event and share those key moments.

Make Sure You Include Breaks

If you plan to hold an extensive virtual event, you need to include breaks in your schedule. Breaks give those involved a chance to relax, prepare for new moments and keep the event going. This also makes it easier for viewers to get up and have a break during the event, so they can use the bathroom or grab some snacks.

Breaks help both sides of the virtual event, so make sure you include them. You can even include gaps in the schedule, so people know when they can expect breaks to happen during the event. This also helps those people plan for the breaks, so they don’t face any unexpected situations.

Try to Make It Interactive

When you hold a virtual event for people, you may struggle to make it more interactive for the viewers. After all, they may not want to sit there the whole time and feel bored, so you should do your best to add interactions. For example, you can let people use a chatroom during the event, so they can talk with other viewers while they watch.

You can also include links to specific activities, so your viewers can enjoy themselves while they attend the event. You could even offer prizes and rewards to the viewers, so they have an incentive to keep watching and enjoying the event through the activities your event provides.


Your company has the opportunity to improve its virtual events and appeal to more people. Make sure you plan these events and find ways to get more people to attend, so you can expand your business. As you make the events more appealing and add to them, you can boost your attendance while making the event more fun for the attendees.