The Role of HR in Employee Experience: 6 Ways to Encourage Positivity in the Workplace

By Regi Publico | September 21, 2021

Working takes most of the employees’ time every day. Oftentimes, work is considered to be one of the major causes of stress to a person. It is pretty much to say that working is very stressful. Companies that have demanding work schedules may put up a strain on their employees. The HR department prioritizes the well-being of every employee they have, and one key role they can do is to encourage positivity in the workplace to foster a healthy and less stressful working environment.
A workplace with a negative ambiance causes a lot of drawbacks. On the contrary, a positive workplace and environment boost the overall well-being of the employees, especially in their mental and emotional health. From receiving less pressure and stress from the work itself, increased productivity level of the employees, to working a happier job, and fostering strong relationships with one another, these cause positive impacts on their working experience in the company. Every HR team should start building optimistic approaches to every employee and ultimately have a happy and positive workplace.
Nothing beats a positive working environment, so here are six ways to encourage positivity in your workplace:

1. Be united under the same vision and goals

To let everyone participate in spreading positivity, it is important to work together under the same goals. It is the reason and the drive why you are all doing your responsibilities and jobs as employees. When you work together for a common goal, it is easier for everyone to cooperate. When everyone shares the same vision, you can be each other’s support at work.
In this case, learning and using the company’s vision and mission statement would be everyone’s connection with one another. Uniting all the workers, by all means, will also help to have a concrete reminder of your unity. Company uniforms can help the team unite because they remind everyone that they are working together under the same company, vision, and goals. Fostering camaraderie in the workplace will be a great help in building a positive workplace.

2. Put up a smile

A smile can be a perfect association with happiness and optimism. Smiling at your co-workers, at your employees, and even at your leaders will certainly generate positivity in the environment. Smile even under a stressful situation. Smile even under a never-ending workload. Smiling is contagious and employees that see other people smiling will boost and motivate them.
When everyone starts to change their frowns to a smile, it will bring a significant positive change in the environment. Working at such a happy workplace will get everyone motivated and refreshed. Continuing this small act will eventually make a big difference later on.

3. Be a positive role model

Becoming an ideal leader to look up to can encourage other people. If you become someone who encourages positivity in the workplace, chances are you will also generate the same drive for everyone around you. Talk kindly to everyone, smile, and having a cheerful yet professional attitude can bring a positive impact on the working environment. Become someone whom you want to work with, and your people can change in the same way. If you want to encourage positivity in your workplace, then the act must always come within yourself first.

4. Practice positive communication

Words are extremely powerful. Saying negative words itself causes the environment to feel gloomy. Like how facial expressions tell the mood of a person, the words circulating in the workplace also mirrors the environment in your office. A workplace full of stressful words combined with the actual workload can take a heavy toll on the employees.
Practicing positive communication alleviates pressure and stress in the environment. Hearing a simple compliment can change someone’s mood. Spreading positivity in the workplace is not really difficult. The words you utter play a significant role in making this goal achievable. Saying encouraging or motivating statements can be a simple yet effective way to have a joyful work office.

5. Practice teamwork and collaboration

Teamwork and collaboration among others also help in creating a happy environment. It shows that everyone is united and encourages employee engagement in the workplace. Creating mini team-building activities can be a great start to practice teamwork and collaboration with one another. These simple activities combined with the fact of working together will help foster positive relationships.
Sharing insights, ideas, and helping one another will strengthen the bond between each worker. It will help grow positivity in the environment. It will also boost the trust they have for each other and have a smoother workflow.

6. Do a simple act of kindness

Doing a simple act of kindness towards anyone at your workplace generates positivity in the environment. No matter how small or big it is, kindness is kindness. Simply helping someone sorting out their papers can boost someone’s mood. Giving your colleagues a small positive quote can also improve their day. Simply buying a coffee for someone who had a hard time doing their load will certainly feel refreshed. These small actions can be an effective way of fostering positivity in the workplace.