5 ways to deal with overwhelming workload

By cielhrtech | September 19, 2016

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The heavy workload has become commonplace in today’s world – work as well as home. Since it is inevitable, we have to find ways of dealing with them:

Make peace with it!

Many times, we feel overwhelmed because we resist and hence, feel the stress. When you are launching a product, it is natural that you will have to crunch many things within a short period of time and you know that the days are going to be long. You will have to do a few things which you do not agree fully with and have no time to reason them out. So, you do not go up in arms and start a battle as long as you are focused on winning the war. If I live in a city, it is natural that I have to wade through unruly drivers, ill-behaved passers-by, heavy traffic and long time on roads. So, it is natural that I will have a long day, take short breaks along the way to finish a few tasks. If I resist, I am going to be hypertensive soon.

Do not miss the big picture!

We get caught in small details and try to solve them when Rome is burning. While attention to details is important, it’s the simultaneity of the big picture that matters. So, you know where to ignore and where to dive deep. One must keep communicating, collaborate with the others who can help dealing with the piles of work and prioritising which one is to be dealt with first.

Use technology!

There are enough and many tools available to get organized, set reminders, prioritise, collaborate with members in the team or outside one’s own organization and use automation to carry out a few routine tasks. Many people even today do not use simple tools like calendar, to-do-lists, forms, surveys, forums, templates, libraries, wizards and sharing applications. One has to explore the ecosystem and determine adopt the ones that suit one’s needs the best.

Seek help!

Often we remain immersed in our own world and sit under the pressure of finishing all the tasks on our plate and do not explore opportunities of reducing the workload. At times, the workload originates due to our own inefficiencies in some parts of the organization or something done in a certain manner in the past. It could also be something as simple as the boss not having estimated the workload properly. Such perspectives come to light only when one has discussed the situation with other stakeholders in the business.

Relax and Stretch!

Feeling bogged down with work is possibly a natural occurrence for most of us. So, one needs to relax first and let go the pent-up feelings and emotions. Some recommend a short walk outside the office or the workstation, a short nap, a good night’s sleep, visit to a friend, a good movie or whatever works well to relax. And of course, there is no short-cut to stretching, walking the extra mile and going beyond the call of duty!

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