Captives / Global Development Centres

Captives / Global Development Centres

India is one of the sought-after destinations for Captives, with more than 1600 global firms having their captives located here. Pandemic has made almost every company take digital transformation initiatives and the hybrid model has become the new norm. This has posed a strong advantage for companies planning to outsource. India being a destination with a large talent pool, is expected to have more captives set up here.

CIEL Technologies provides end-to-end services for setting up and maintaining your business

Model of Engagement

India has experience of having worked in the captive market with many global firms’ captives located here. There’s a wide range of talent pool available in India, well-versed in working with the captives be it in Tech or non-tech roles. Let CIEL Technologies help you reach this experienced talent pan-India.

Global compliance is highly important to ensure a smooth business. CIEL Technologies with its deep expertise in handling legal and compliance issues will assign a team to make sure your company adheres to all the local laws and regulations. With our prior experience, we’ll also help you set up a new office space which can be a daunting task in a new location.

Finding a perfect team and effectively managing them  is crucial for a successful business in a new place. CIEL technologies will take care of your technical and non-technical hiring needs anywhere in the country, with its enormous locational spread having 57 offices in 42 locations. 

CIEL Advantage

  • Use of data sciences and analytics to match roles with candidates
  • Fully scalable process support which can be increased / decreased with business needs
  • Effectively manage your vendors to get a productive outcome
  • Plan and manage the software required for your business
  • Locate the best office space suitable for your business growth

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