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#BuildingTomorrow: Industry 5.0 is round the corner

October 3, 2020

Before the industrial revolution, human skills mattered the most in the world of work. Every product or service was hand-crafted and personalised for each customer or a small group of […]

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#BuildingTomorrow : Making India the Next Manufacturing Hub

July 11, 2020

Manufacturing sector contributes nearly 17% to India’s GDP in FY19. Considering the plans underway, the contribution is likely to grow to 25% by FY25. India’s demographics and the rising levels […]

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#LockdownTimes – A Gig Economy Challenge

April 6, 2020

As all establishments are under lockdown, there is no demand of workers. Essential commodities are the only exceptions. We see demand for delivery boys for food, grocery, milk, medicine etc. There is […]

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Are we ready for the Jobs in Industry 4.0?

February 8, 2020

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) will disrupt our way of doing things as the previous versions did. Right from the first revolution in the early 19th century to the latest […]

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HR for the next decade

December 7, 2019

In 1999, none of us imagined, we would book taxis on Uber and Ola, hotel rooms on Makemytrip, Oyo and Trivago, plan holidays looking at TripAdvisor, decide to watch movies […]

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Globalisation 4.0 : What it means for Talent

January 28, 2019

The last 10 years after the global financial crisis have been a new era where voices in favour of protecting local industry from non-local companies have grown louder. We see […]

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