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#BuildingTomorrow: Key to Attracting the Right Talent

October 31, 2021

Covid19 has been a black swan event for the world making several changes in the way we lead our lives. Organisations have discovered new ways of working and the employees […]

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4 Things To Learn From Your First Job

June 24, 2021

Landing your first job is undoubtedly essential for newbies as we sometimes experience a ‘FAIL’ mark — or first attempt at learning. Unimaginable and unexpected things happen when we get […]

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#BuildingTomorrow: Career Path for the 50+ years old

February 20, 2021

India is a country of young people. Every year, 10-12 million people are joining the labour pool. Hence for an organisation looking to grow, there is a constant supply of […]

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#BuildingTomorrow: Transitioning from Studies to Work

October 17, 2020

COVID19 has shaken the world and reminded the humanity of its vulnerabilities. Life must go on and hence, it is a continual course-correction that each one of us is doing […]

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What Does it Take to Be a Video Game Manager?

September 30, 2020

Recent reports show that the gaming industry will reach a revenue of $159.3 billion this year. That’s almost three times the worth of the global entertainment industry and about eight […]

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How HR Can Create A Better Working Environment For Artists?

August 19, 2020

Create A Better Working Environment For Artists In the art world, time spent together and rapport is the glue that binds together creatives and the people who work behind the […]

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#BuildingTomorrow : Making India the Next Manufacturing Hub

July 11, 2020

Manufacturing sector contributes nearly 17% to India’s GDP in FY19. Considering the plans underway, the contribution is likely to grow to 25% by FY25. India’s demographics and the rising levels […]

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#BuildingTomorrow : Managing Employee Experience in the Future of Workplace

July 4, 2020

Someone has said, “Happiness is a direction and not a place.” Truly golden words! Delivering employee experience is a culmination of various things that happen in the lives of employees. […]

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#BuildingTomorrow: HR for the Future of Pharma sector

May 30, 2020

Indian Pharma is the largest provider of generic drugs to the world. Half of the vaccines used in the world come from India; 25% of all medicines used in UK […]

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#BuildingTomorrow: The Future of the EdTech sector

May 23, 2020

Technology in education dates back to the 1980s in India. TV programmes were organised by the UGC (University Grants Commission) and other state governments promoted institutions. Over the last few […]

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