Great Success need not pave the way for more

By Aditya Mishra | August 12, 2018

nothing in this world is permanent

Successful people are clear about their priorities. They have a strong conviction in their thoughts and beliefs. They pursue their dreams passionately to bring them to reality. When they start scaling new peaks, the world takes note of their achievements and keeps the spotlight on them. Naturally, they start receiving a lot of comments, feedbacks and requests which could potentially distract them from what they are aiming to achieve.


Worst parts of the personality raise their ugly heads!

Some of them get conscious of the limelight and the attention on them; they form a mental image of a superman or superwoman and start donning that surreal image. That’s when the worst parts of their personality come to the fore and raise their ugly heads.

Every human has his or her own limitations and strengths. When one forgets about this doctrine, one considers oneself invincible. They do not care about others’ opinions even if the topics are not their areas of strength. They stop listening to the others and start instructing their teams to carry out tasks in a way they deem fit. Their over-confidence turns into arrogance and inhibit their prowess of judgement.

Sometimes, there are overzealous folks who tend to fuel the ego of the super-achievers and reinforce their wrong sense of charisma and self-love. In expectation of some tangible and non-tangible rewards, these people keep on inflating the self-views of such achievers. Also, they cause distortions in the world-view of these superstars. Sadly, these developments reduce the ability of the person to seek and accept feedback from the others.


Humility is not enough

Success doesn’t come one’s way unless one thinks differently, takes risks and goes about doing things innovatively. Great achievers inspire others to follow their path, challenge the set norms and establish new benchmarks.

They need to be confident about their own beliefs and at the same time, listen to opinions, feedback and comments of the others. They demonstrate decisiveness rather than procrastination. They do not shy away from stating a differing point of view. They know that they could make mistakes; hence, are always open to new ideas and make course-corrections quickly. They are humble to learn from anyone who displays superior knowledge and insights on areas of their interest.

Humility keeps the person firmly on the ground and sets him or her ready for the arduous path ahead. It gives the wings to the person for rigorous execution. It is a no-brainer to say that humility is a virtue. But life isn’t so easy!

Listening to others’ opinions and comments, measuring one’s performance, looking out for errors and so on, could potentially take away a lot of time on one’s day and weaken one’s conviction to follow the uncharted path. So, more often than not, great achievements are primarily about passion, conviction and rigorous execution.


It’s at the core!

Superstars are not necessarily the people with high degree of intelligence and high scores in their chosen area of work. Some of them did not take up a challenge because they felt that they were not good enough for it! Nobody can say for sure, if they took up the challenge, they would have come out with flying colours.

Personality traits such as curiosity, consistency, friendliness, sensitiveness and so on determine if a person could take risks, innovate, execute systematically, connect with people with empathy and so on. Based on these traits, it becomes easy for a person to take on certain roles and calls for extra-ordinary efforts to perform well in another set of roles. The journey of good to great is challenging and calls for not only certain skills and knowledge but also behaviours such as perseverance, empathy and confidence. Greatly successful people have these ingrained in them to reach the level of excellence.

The twist in the tale comes from the fact that personality traits keep evolving over a period of time based on life experiences. As a person goes through various situations – favourable as well as disruptive, certain beliefs and values change. These developments do not guarantee that once-a-champion will remain invincible ever.

Nothing in the world is permanent!
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