In 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You The Truth About Recruiting the Right Talent At Right Price

By Ariaa Reeds | June 20, 2019

Things change! Yesterday, employers picked the best candidates. Today, employees pick the best companies. Tables have turned but one thing remains ¾ The offer. If only you can give them an offer they can’t refuse. Now, you’d be wondering that it is a fine thing to say but at the same time, not an easy one. After all, we are not Don Corleone but simple harmless talent managers building our recruitment strategies. We agree. Our take is ¾ It is difficult but not impossible. Don’t believe us?
This is how you as an employer can make your employment offer attractive for those top candidates and purple squirrels. The seamless net for your perfect catch.
And all you need to do is to invest your few minutes on this article. Latch on to these 5 tips and you can upgrade your recruitment strategy immensely.
Years have taught us that those who do great things are the ones who do them differently. Imbibing these 5 tips will make you a great recruiter:

5 tips to create a great hiring experience

Tip 1: Define what you need:
If you aren’t sure of what you are looking for, you probably may never find it. Understand the role and the type of right candidate you are looking for to fill it. Identify critical traits and desirable traits. Get a reality check from the concerned managers.
Tip 2: Understand the candidate’s perspective:
Identify what will make your job proposal desirable to the candidate. Give opportunities for development and mentorship, show them the excellent company culture that you have built over the years, display the great USPs of your products and services, list the perks to attract great talent.
Tip 3:  Identify where you can find the right fit:
Create a recruitment persona of your ideal fit. Now, identify where you can reach those candidates. Search on LinkedIn or in places where you are likely to find them. Build a recruitment plan. Network extensively. Introduce employee referral plans and incentives.
Tip 4: Build an interview strategy and speed it up:
Meet with the interview team soon after the interview is over and note their feedback.
Long interview processes discourage employees. However, if this is unavoidable then inform the participant about this beforehand. Keep the candidate informed. If you decide against someone then let them know in time.
Tip 5: Don’t stop at the offer letter:
Don’t hold communication once you have made the offer. Try to engage your select. Introduce them to the management or your team. The right fit for you could also be the right fit for your competitor. Involve them from the beginning.
Employee turnovers and bad hires are costly affairs. Talent management is a bitter pill; however hard it may seem and you like it or not, you have to do it right. Many have tried but there are no shortcuts to recruitment strategy. And it is time we take cognizance of this limitation and put in our efforts to forge the best way forward.