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Civil engineers are highly sought-after individuals in this highly industrialised society. Many developed and developing countries are moving towards rapid expansion, making top-class civil engineers need of the hour. CIEL Technologies has 17+ years of experienced professionals handling recruitment and placing top-class engineers across construction and property developer companies’ verticals.

Specialising In The Recruitment of Civil Engineering Professionals Nationwide

CIEL Technologies has years of experience under its belt when it comes to placing civil engineering recruits across the country. Our selection processes ensure you can hire the right civil engineers for all your construction and civil engineering requirements. We understand the many nuances of civil engineering, and our recruitment team constantly looks for civil engineers with varied interests. This allows us to help you easily choose the right engineer for the right task.

We Specialise In Recruiting

Civil engineering is a complex job that requires a lot of skill and understanding of various topics. Civil engineers have a lot of responsibility and are directly responsible for the safety and integrity of a structure, which makes hiring a well-trained civil engineer that much more critical.CIEL’s multi-layered recruitment process tests candidates on many levels. Compared to other recruitment agencies, our team consists of experts who test candidates on various topics and help them prepare on topics that they need to be made aware of. This layered selection process allows us to give you the best options while hiring a civil engineer in your ranks so that all your projects are successfully completed. The engineering disciplines that we specialise in hiring are –

Civil Engineering

We help you recruit civil engineers with vast knowledge of various nuances of civil engineering and its auxiliary branches. Our foolproof screening techniques allow you to hire top engineers in this field.

Transportation Engineering

The rise in infrastructural projects has seen an increase in the demand for transportation engineers. CIEL helps recruit transportation engineers on a long-term and short-term basis for all your projects.

Construction Project Management

Civil engineering placement companies like CIEL focus on hiring individuals with all-around skills like communication and other soft skills. We understand that clear and crisp communication is critical to successful project completion. Recruiting construction management specialists from CIEL provides many benefits as our candidates know how to keep the projects cost-effective while not compromising the quality of service and products.

Construction Engineering

All our civil engineers are vetted thoroughly during our screening process, and the best candidates with adequate knowledge of everything related to construction are chosen. Our civil engineers know all the construction engineering techniques to execute flawless projects.

Construction Management

CIEL helps you recruit proficient and talented construction managers who can solve complex problems efficiently.
CIEL technologies is also an expert in recruiting –

  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Environmental Engineering &
  • Geotechnical Engineering.

Our Approach

CIEL Technologies has a team of experts with ample experience in understanding all the nuances of civil engineering. Our experts interview the candidates thoroughly and ensure they are skilled in all aspects of civil engineering. Candidates with potential are shortlisted and are recommended to organisations and are placed as per the organisation’s needs, whether long-term, short-term, or even on a contract basis.

Our experts

CIEL Technologies has a team of experts who help organisations hire expert civil engineers per the project’s or organisation’s requirements.

Our Processes

Our process is very scientific and is backed by human emotions. Our expert team will help team the right engineers with the organisations for maximum effectiveness and satisfaction.

Our Solutions

From freshers to experienced, long-term to short-term contracts, we have you covered in every aspect of civil engineering!

Types of Civil Engineer Recruiting Services We Offer

Streamlining Your Recruitment Across Specialties

We help streamline your hiring process while you focus on scaling your organisation.

On-Demand Talent Solutions

CIEL Technologies will provide you with excellent civil engineers for all your needs whenever you require them.

Strategic Hiring Pathways

Our recruitment process is filled with scientific approaches backed with a human touch, which helps us serve you better.

Precision in Candidate Selection

Our team of experts vets all the candidates thoroughly and ensures that their talents are used well by organisations that need them!

Long-Term Partnership

We team you up with the best civil engineers and help you forge a bond that lets you grow as an organisation.

Why Choose CIEL?

CIEL Technologies is the best civil engineers recruitment agency and offers the best services to help you deck your team with the best civil engineers across India at an affordable cost!

Industries we serve

Engineering Services

It is essential to have the right engineering services to ensure smooth execution of the project

IT Services

IT services are key to companies enabling collaboration and optimising access

IT Product

With the evolving technology and business needs, IT products are essential for all businesses

Captives / Global Development Centres

India is one of the most sought-after destinations for Captives, CIEL Technologies provides end-to-end services for setting up and maintaining your business

Services we offer

  • Design Centre
  • Engineering Centre
  • Technical Support
  • Application development
  • QA and Testing
  • Application Support
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Engineering and Cyber Security
  • Applications
  • Cloud Services
  • Hardware and Network

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