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India is a cesspool of talent in various industries. 28.7% of Indians fall in the age group of 27-29 years, a perfect combination of a fresh and experienced workforce. The IT industry in India is estimated to record a whopping $245 billion market, and the trend is not slowing down anytime soon. CIEL, a leading recruiting agency, analyses all the candidates against various factors and picks the best talent that fulfils the assigned responsibility and perfectly fits into the organisation’s culture.

We are considered the best recruitment agency in Bangalore because of our intricate selection and allotment process that uses complex algorithms and is backed by a delicate human touch to bring about the best results for our clients by bringing them the perfect employee for any given role!

Our Approach

Our approach towards recruitment is slightly different from that of other recruitment agencies; our screening process ensures that only top candidates proceed towards the following rounds, where empathetic human recruiters meet them. Our human recruitment rounds ensure that all the candidates are thoroughly vetted by our experts so that you can handle everything when the selected candidates start working with you!

Our experts

CIEL is home to experienced and expert recruiters who understand our client’s needs perfectly. Our expertise in the various stages of recruitment across verticals of multiple industries ensures that you hire the right employee for the right job, making us experts in the IT placement consultancy industry.

Our Processes

As a leading IT recruitment agency, our recruitment process is backed by scientific methods. Our thorough screening process ensures that all the employees we recruit for our clients are the best. CIEL is a leading IT recruitment agency and is an expert in hiring talent across various verticals of the IT industry and other auxiliary industries.

Our Solutions

We provide recruitment solutions to every department of an IT organisation. CIEL is the best IT services recruitment agency in India and has solutions for every department’s vertical recruitment, from screening to placements. As expert IT recruitment consultants, we provide recruitment solutions to organisations of all sizes.

CIEL Technologiesprovides A-Z recruitment solutions to all our clients across India. Our team of experts are proficient in using technology to recruit employees for all your vacant positions at any given time of the year across all departments. Our screening process, backed by human intelligence, helps find you the best employee who fits your job description and flawlessly adapts to your organization’s culture, objectives, and passion for working with the organisation for a long time.

Industries we serve

Engineering Services

It is essential to have the right engineering services to ensure smooth execution of
the project

IT Services

IT services are key to companies enabling collaboration and optimising access

IT Product

With the evolving technology and business needs, IT products are essential for all

Captives / Global Development Centres

India is one of the most sought-after destinations for Captives, CIEL Technologies provides end-to-end services for setting up and maintaining your business

Services we offer

  • Design Centre
  • Engineering Centre
  • Technical Support
  • Application development
  • QA
    and Testing
  • Application Support
  • Cloud Services
  • Data Engineering and Cyber Security
  • Applications
  • Cloud Services
  • Hardware and Network

Partnering with CIEL Technologies

CIEL Technologies is helping companies set up teams of highly skilled professionals and get the relevant and desired output from them. Our objectives are

  • Hiring the best suited candidates based on clients’ niche requirements
  • Reducing the burden on the client while recruiting the right candidate
  • Ensure cost optimisation with our unique framework
  • Find talent with varied experiences for any given project
  • Provide fully scalable process support which can be increased/decreased with business needs.

Locations we serve – Across India

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