Top 11 Hacks that can Boost the Productivity of your Employees

By Jasika Adams | September 21, 2018


Are you looking for ways and techniques to improve the productivity of your employees? Well, any employee can get you the required results if you follow the right tactics to gain their trust and contribute to their needs as well. It can be intimidating at first to initiate several ways but they lead to no good outputs, however using some easy, simple and highly effective ways can not only increase their work productivity but also keep them motivated.

Changing the attitude will bring you fruitful outcomes. Given below are some quick hacks to help you build a wholesome environment at your office as well as get you a better quality work:


Effective Communication with Employees

It is a well-known fact that effective communication is the key to solve all the problems. Why not start communicating with the employees? Sometimes, the quality of work gets affected due to some personal problems that the employees might not share if they do not share a good bond with you. But letting them share their problems will surely lower their burden and motivating them in-turn will only increase employee productivity and build a positive team morale.


Say Yes to Appreciations and Incentives

Appreciations are free, they build confidence and help in improving employee’s performance by boosting the feeling of contentment. Who does not work hard to strive for a small incentive? Incentives are a convenient way to engage employees to work an extra mile to achieve the desired output. Treating your employees as your valuable resources is one thing, but employee recognition paves the way to not just an excellent employee performance but also helps in keeping them in love with the work.


Set your Priorities Right

Most of us lose our path while following our dreams. This happens because we mess with our priorities. This thing can happen with your employees too. In order to protect your employees and getting the best out of them, you need to tell them to get their priorities right. Inform them about how they should proceed with their tasks so as to achieve their goals. Tell them to take necessary breaks so that they don’t feel monotonous. Be a guide to them and see them prosper.


Improve the Workplace- Free Snacks and Gaming

Employees are your most useful taskforce and catering to their needs must be your first priority after earning profits. Making some amendments at the workplace is a simple and easy way to instill trust and healthy work in the employees. Opening some free snacks availability will help the employees to take good care of their health besides performing better in the task that has been assigned to them. Moreover, some sitting jobs become boring as the employees stick to their PCs for the entire day which leads to him feeling monotonous and stressful. A gaming area for employees to refresh and rejuvenate their minds and recover their lost energy is a perfect way to improvise employee efficiency.


Allow Work from Home

Work from home is the best way to help an employee work in the convenience of their home. It is crucial as some employees get stressed in the monotonous environment in the office and need some time to rest and work at the ease of their couches at homes. It is also beneficial to engage to help the employees build a positive mindset about work and get relief from the boring office.


Let in Transparency

It is important to be transparent and clear about their performance in the company. Besides increasing reliability in the employee, it will also lead to improved employee work performance as it will help in employee’s growth and pave a way to a healthy truthful environment in the company.


We are a team – Boost the Spirit

Act as a leader to your employees, not a boss. It will contribute to building a strong relationship among the employees and will help in an unparalleled growth of the company. It is crucial to understand that your employees are your team and so learn the difference between being a boss and a leader to identify what area needs change. Encourage your team for a better goodwill and try to promote enthusiasm in them.


Follow the 2 Minute Rule

This rule is a must-follow and should be highly promoted to be followed by all the employees. The rule says that always complete the work that requires comparatively less time first, so that you have a higher number of tasks accomplished and also, to achieve a better performance. It will not only help the employees to complete their work on time but also lead to implementing a strategic approach to complete the work.


Regular Breaks from Continuous Work

Always remember that ‘All work and no break makes the employees dull’. Therefore, it is essential to engage in the practice of providing regular breaks after a short span of time, say after every hour or 90 minutes. It will help their brains work more effectively as they will get some time off work which will soothe and relax their minds in the best way. It will also pave way to a better work and will help in improving the quality of their work.


Avoid Personal Social Media at work- No distractions at work

It is very important that the employees follow the habit of avoiding their social media distractions at work. Do realize that distractions are the culprits that not just affect the quality of the work but also lead to procrastination of the work. This can be easily implemented by turning off the notifications from their phones or they may also switch off their phones while at work. However, all the platforms that are being used for business communications should be opened via the computers or laptops so that there is no delay in delivering quality work to the managers.


Weekly Reports for assessment and improvement

The management must ensure to follow the weekly assessment and improvement policies so as to reflect a complete work report of the employee and will also enhance their productivity by keeping track of all the factors like delivering work on time, quality of work delivered, maintaining office decorum etc. This will help in building an outstanding workplace that would contribute to the overall development of the employee values and work. A constant feedback plays a pivotal role in getting a scheduled work and fosters a cooperative and productive quality.

It is thus, important to promote a healthy environment in the office that shapes the employee’s goals with the company’s goals and keeps the employee motivated, appreciated and satisfied. This will help in formulating a work environment that has the utmost positivity and functions in an absolutely transparent and holistic approach that will surely get you a productive workforce.

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Author Bio: Jasika Adams is a writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of human resources, startups and business management. she is a talent acquisition manager currently associated with Index Time Clock. In her free time, she loves to play with her kids and reading mystery books.