By Aditya Mishra | August 30, 2018

Workplace bullying

There are some who are hidden bullies. They make you do tasks which are not your responsibility – can be anything from admin tasks such as booking meeting rooms to answering calls from an angry client. This makes you lose out on precious time and sometimes being seen as either a spineless soul or under-loaded co-worker. You want to be seen as a nice and helpful colleague. Your confidence gets shaken and you feel helpless. What do you do?

Some people suggest the best way is to confront and take a stance. However, if the bully is your manager, more often than not, you will lose the plot. You might end up bullied more and more. It is best to discuss with people who take an interest in you and conclude if your feelings are for real or you are over-reacting. Once you are clear about it, it’s important to take the next steps of discussing with your People Office or Committee on Workplace Health and Safety. You must prepare well with facts rather than inter-lacing them with your emotional experiences.

If it is a colleague or someone who is not directly connected with you, drop hints at the person and try influencing him or her to stop asking for help and nagging. If it is a tough nut to crack, be direct and explain why you cannot oblige the person. You could involve others in the process if the person does not stop. Do not take it lying down, protect your dignity and respect!

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