By Aditya Mishra | September 6, 2018

Time is precious

Time is precious, the only resource which cannot be preserved nor can be reproduced. Yet, there are people who love the gossip and the grapevine. Water cooler conversations are normal, but there is a limit beyond which all of us understand how painful the gossip king and gossip queen are. They feast on rumors and false news, spread toxicity and negativity in the organization.

The best way is to stay away from such people and conversations. If you are in a position of power and influence in the organization, you must publicly take a tough stance against behind-the-back conversations and promote transparency in all aspects. You must focus on ‘what’ rather than ‘who’ and try addressing the root causes than chasing the villain. Communication from the leadership team plays an important role in quelling the impact of these gossipmongers. Confront the gossip-king or gossip-queen if you can easily onlinecasinogo.ng isolate them and take them to your People Office if need be.

Idea-stealers, loud-mouthed colleagues, sarcastic colleagues, bullies, gossipmongers – all of them can make your day at work tough. They may all create stress individually or in combination. Take a deeper dive into yourself and see if you have been any of these people knowingly or unknowingly. Live a balanced life so that the stress doesn’t get to your heart. Stay objective!

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