World Day for Safety and Health at Work

By cielhrtech | May 10, 2016

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The terms, health and safety remind us of “Factories”, “Sites”, “Quarries”, but safety in work environment concerns all the people working there across all functions right from sales, IT, marketing, finance to production; also, the visitors to the premises.

Today’s business environment has decimated the walls between work and life. They are not compartmentalised anymore; mind is at work continuously subjected to a flurry of emotions and in a state of continuous churn. Hyper-competition, unsuspected possibilities and unfounded fears pose serious risk to efficiency at work as well as our health and safety. As much as our body needs rest, the mind also must rejuvenate and stay productive – often overlooked in our penchant for success.

Ciel HR encourages building a safe and healthy workplace by not only the physical aspects but also by the way people engage with one another and hence, stay rejuvenated!

That’s our thought on World Day for Safety and Health at work observed last week.
What’s yours…..??

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