Setting up a small business? Remember these 5 tips

By Ron Morgan | August 29, 2019

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and start your own small business, then it is an exciting time. There is nothing quite like working for yourself and turning your passion into a roaring success. However, taking your business from an idea to an established name in your sector will not happen overnight.
The problem for new entrepreneurs is knowing what the best tips to take on-board are when starting a new business. We will assume you have done the basics of researching the market and confirming there is a gap to fill or room for you to enter. But what else do you need to be doing?

Hire the right people

Many business experts highlight the staff you hire as crucial to your success, and with good reason. Hiring the best talent available will mean your customers get the best service and will be more likely to return. In addition, top-class staff will help to drive the business forward with passion and new ideas. To give your new startup every chance of succeeding, you need to employ people who are committed to your vision and willing to work hard for you.

Get your marketing plan in order

Marketing is another key area to focus on – if no-one knows who you are, what you do or where they can find you then you will not last for long! Even the smallest local business now needs a digital marketing plan to maximise their online presence. This could be as simple as developing your own website, getting involved with email marketing and being active on the social media accounts your customers use. Doing this will help your company reach far more people and also spread the word about your small business more effectively.

Make use of online marketplaces

It is not just marketing that you should be doing online. E-commerce is massive now, with 2018 seeing $2.86 trillion spent online by consumers. This is only expected to rise again in 2019, and you simply cannot afford to miss out on such a lucrative sales channel.
The great news is that online marketplaces exist which make this simple to do. Amazon is one of the best to partner with and has literally millions of users who you can sell your goods too. In only its first month, Amazon received orders from 45 countries worldwide and is now the 10th most popular website in existence. This means it offers potential sales that cannot be ignored.

Make online security a top concern

Having an online presence is key in the modern business world but it can also bring security concerns. Online cyber-crime is a constant danger to all businesses and could be particularly disastrous for smaller ones. With this in mind, you should make sure your IT security is top-notch. From robust firewalls to server security and network protection, it is worth investing in.

Keep an eye on your cash flow

While there are certain areas that you will have to spend money on, it is always wise to keep a close eye on your finances. Too many startups spend lavish amounts on luxury items only to run out of money soon after! Always keep a close check on what you spend and make sure you chase any outstanding invoices.

Find the best talent for your small business today

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