Smart Recruiter in 2019

By Aditya Mishra | August 31, 2019

Technology is playing an important role in HR, particularly in talent acquisition. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been helping recruiters in building a database of candidates, posting a job advert, ranking applicants, identifying matching candidates from various public databases as well as the company database and interacting with candidates and line managers. That is quite a bit of automation and saving time of recruiters. We see a significant ROI on the AI tools in action.
In the current economic scenario, many companies are looking to optimize their cost per hire and there are some who are looking for quick growth. In either case, AI helps to make the process efficient and hence, saves time of recruiter, candidate and the line manager. It helps in strengthening the employer brand and thus, drawing the best talent towards the employer. As we are soon approaching 2020, what do we expect smart recruiters do differently?

Back to Human Intelligence

Needless to mention that technology, AI in particular is a big boon. As all recruiters are adopting this, what distinguishes the smart one from the rest?
Recruiters in this decade are overtly focused on catching hold of a job description and picking out the keywords. AI tools, job portals, Linkedin, job posts and company databases use some of these words to pick out the best-matching candidates. As we can see, the success of hiring depends upon the job description. How well the job is described in the document that a recruiter starts the assignment with?
Today’s smart recruiter shuns the job description document and meets the line manager to understand the context of the role and that of the organization. If it is a senior role, the recruiter goes deeper to understand the personality traits of the line manager as well. This cannot be performed by AI; we need human intelligence!

Smart Marketer

Recruiter is an HR person or a marketing person?
We need her to be savvy in building relationships, listen deeply, recognize the drive and motives of people, understand the emotions, be skilled in assessing competencies, have the knowledge on employment compliance, be proactive in communicating and negotiating among all the stakeholders in hiring process. We need her to be better than the others in attracting the best and holding their interest until a role is filled in the shortest time and at an optimal cost.
Our business environment asks us to stay agile all the time. Priorities change and we expect the recruiter to adapt. We want her to have a pipeline of active candidates and we want them to meet our requirements!
The recruiter has to develop a meaningful value proposition, build a communication strategy and execute it in such a way that the message reaches the target audience successfully. Then she has to proactively and compellingly communicate among all the stakeholders. Possibly, these aspects help her stand out in the competition and thus, strengthen our employer brand. Today’s smart recruiter has to be more a marketer than an HR person.

Learn faster and Adapt!

Requirements have been evolving, technology is changing and companies have been transforming. The recruiter needs to not only understand the drivers of the business and the changes therein but also the emerging techniques other smart people are using to recruit. Continuous education to upgrade one’s skills is more critical than ever before.
A few years ago, ATS and job portals were new; recruiters had to learn features such as posting a job, searching matching resumes, sending out communication to candidates and work collaboratively with team members. Now, these are ubiquitous! In a very short time, the recruiter had to master social recruiting through channels like WhatsApp, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Github and so on. In the last couple of years, AI tools are automating the manual tasks further and increasing efficiency by seamless integration with tools such as assessment, video interviews and background checks.
A smart recruiter adapts continuously, brings forth her intelligence to understand what kind of a person will suit the role well, leverages technology and markets a job with passion.
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